Camrose Hill Flower Farm – Kristin & Lucas’s Wedding

Kristin and Lucas’s wedding was so beautiful and fun! I loved the personal DIY details they put together – like the burlap table runners, hanging mason jar tea lights, milk glass vases full of pink peonies, unique vintage plates at each setting, homemade jams as favors, homemade pies and cakes from the guests, and even home brewed wine and beer made by a groomsman! The day might have had some rain but it definitely did not dampen anyones spirits or the celebration.

This wedding was very special for Jake and me because two years ago we were married at Camrose Hill Flower Farm. To come back and photography a wedding there was seriously such a treat. It was so fun to see everything through the lens of my camera and really experience what Camrose Hill is all about. At moments it felt like a dream where the colors and light were just perfect. It was really amazing.

The Camrose Hill spirits worked their magic again — because just minutes before the ceremony (with all the chairs set up inside the pavilion), the rain stopped and the light was perfect. After a mad dash to move all the chairs and guests outside, Kristin and Luke got what they wanted, a Camrose Hill outdoor wedding! We were so happy for them.

Kristin and Lucas are one of those couples you just know are meant to be because they truly compliment one another. Jake and I walked away at the end of night saying we want to be their friends in real life!

Congratulations to Kristin and Luke! Here are some of my favorites from your day, enjoy!

  • Lucas Kramer

    These are wonderful! I was so excited to see them. Thank you soooo much for being a part of our wedding. We’ve been running around crazy busy like, Kristin is up in Grand Marais for another day or two but upon her return you must come up to Duluth and visit us! (We still have plenty of beer and wine!) Thanks again

  • Anne

    I am so glad you like the photos Luke! And a trip to Duluth sounds amazing – I miss the lake! We’ll talk soon!

  • Brit


  • Kristin Lusian

    I am simply amazed!!! You have a gift!

  • Kelly Merdan

    These pix are great! The uncooperative weather truly brought wedding picture taking to a whole new level. I am very very impressed with these pix!!
    Thank you for capturing my sister’s wedding. These memories will last forever.

  • Rennie

    How lovely!! Great photos, beautiful couple and awesome setting.

  • Anne

    Thanks Brit, Kristin, Kelly, and Rennie!

    I am soooo happy you like them Kristin! You were a beautiful bride.

    It was so great to meet you Kelly. I didn’t post any but there are some really great photos of your kids, they were so cute that day!!

  • Vcki and Mike

    Gorgeous! You captured the true colors – it all looks so magical! Looking forward to more!! Thank you, Anne
    Vicki and Mike

  • Sally Rooney

    Thank you so much…these made the disappointment of not being there a little less. I want them to do it all again in about 49 years and look and be JUST as happy as they are now. The time flies so fast! All the best and many thanks for the pictures!

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