Monthly Archives: February 2011

Newborn – Baby Veli

A few months ago our dear friends, Tia and Souliyahn, welcomed their second son Veli on the morning of December 26th. While packing for our New Year’s trip to Scotland, Jake and I were so happy to squeeze in a visit to meet Veli at just two days old. He was itty bitty, and such a cutie-patootie! It was so special to see the new family of four so happy and content. Big brother Silo was so proud, and I can tell that these two boys are going to be the best of friends. Congratulations to Tia and Souliyahn!

Published – Minnesota & Wisconsin Bride

Last month Ingman Photography was featured in Minnesota Bride and Wisconsin Bride magazines! Woohoo! Kristin and Lucas’s beautiful wedding at Camrose Hill Flower Farm is featured in the Minnesota Bride Newlywed section (page 150) and in Wisconsin Bride a delicious photo from Kristin and Lucas’s wedding meal is featured in an article about catering (page 12).

I love both of these magazines because they have so much great local information for the Minnesota and Wisconsin bride. If you are in the middle of planning your dream wedding definitely pick up a copy to help you with all the details!

Woman as Photographer

These are the two photos I submitted for an exhibition entitled Woman As Photographer at the Mpls Photo Center. I took these photos years ago, when I wasn’t taking photos for a living but more for pleasure. They were shot on a humble digital point and shoot but they are two of my most favorite photos I have ever taken. They are currently framed in my kitchen.

I definitely didn’t think they would win or even be accepted into the exhibition but I was glad that I put myself out there. You can check out the results and the winners here — amazing work! I want to continue to challenge myself and photograph not just for work but for myself as well.

I love that the main subject in both photos is a mother, and that the connection between myself and the child is real. The little girl looked right at me, and the boy found my eyes right after I shot the photo. I love that one was taken in Thailand, and the other in Yellowstone, but both subjects are wearing a brightly colored sari. Most of all, I love the movement that both photos evoke…from a walk on a path to a brisk walk on a busy street market. It makes me remember each of those moments – where I was, and what I was feeling.

They’re not perfect, but I think they are beautiful.

The titles I submitted for the exhibition were simple: Pink Sari and Woman on Path.  However, after giving it a little more thought, I believe these are the titles I should have submitted:

Blurry Photo Of Little Girl Looking At Me and The Orange in Her Sari Matches the Orange in the Lake.

Now that is my sense of humor.

Because, let’s face it, it’s the truth!