Fort Snelling, St. Paul – Kristen & RJ’s Engagement

Kristen and RJ are an awesome couple! Each time I hang out with them I am more and more impressed. Kristen has such an addictive positive energy, RJ can’t help but smile even if he hates being in front of the camera :) They were so photogenic during our shoot – I am beyond excited for their August wedding!

  • Michael Derr

    Awesome shots! super excited for you guys

  • Emily Goetz

    Love this!!! AHHH So excited.

  • Kap’n Karl

    Ahhhhh*cough – cough*

    These are awesome!
    These photos are like “ABEC-twothousand” on the skateboard bearing “Smoothness scale”.

    RJ and Kristen – May your dayz be fulled with Joy.. and Joyness.. giggles, and those “Have a nice day” happy faces. Cause I mean, really, – who doesn’t luv them some happy faces.

  • Jeannine Flentje

    Love love love these photos!!!! Amazing and beautiful, like you, Kristen!!!!!!

  • Dawn Whittenburg

    Congratulations!! Beautiful pics and wishes for a beautiful life.