Meet six month old cutie patootie Kipton. Very contemplative during our shoot, his big blue eyes always trying to figure everything out. Standing behind me were his parents, Heidi and Dana, and they were trying their hardest to get him to giggle or smile — he just wasn’t having it! We did get some sweet smiles though.

Thank you Heidi and Dana for letting me help you document what an adorable stage your little boy is in! I can’t wait to watch him grow!

“K” is for Kipton!

My favorite on the left — Kip was so happy being swung in his Mom’s arms!

Just trying to figure out what this big camera is doing in his face, I love his expression!

We headed to the backyard and he seemed to love the green beans from our garden!

Gorgeous baby skin and blue eyes.

Kipton is mastering the art of standing, which must be such a new sense of freedom for the little guy!  Get ready for walking Kip — it is going to blow your mind! :)

What a cutie!