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Meet six month old cutie patootie Kipton. Very contemplative during our shoot, his big blue eyes always trying to figure everything out. Standing behind me were his parents, Heidi and Dana, and they were trying their hardest to get him to giggle or smile — he just wasn’t having it! We did get some sweet smiles though.

Thank you Heidi and Dana for letting me help you document what an adorable stage your little boy is in! I can’t wait to watch him grow!

“K” is for Kipton!

My favorite on the left — Kip was so happy being swung in his Mom’s arms!

Just trying to figure out what this big camera is doing in his face, I love his expression!

We headed to the backyard and he seemed to love the green beans from our garden!

Gorgeous baby skin and blue eyes.

Kipton is mastering the art of standing, which must be such a new sense of freedom for the little guy!  Get ready for walking Kip — it is going to blow your mind! :)

What a cutie!

Iowa Vineyard – Brenna & John’s Wedding

John and Brenna were married at deLaRue Vineyard in Swan, Iowa, which is owned by Brenna’s mother and step-father. When Jake and I got to the vineyard we were in shock — the kind where your mouth falls open and you don’t remember to close it because everywhere you look takes your breath away. The vineyard was gorgeous beyond words. Jake and I had so much fun working as a team that day! He is such a good photographer and continues to inspire me to look at things differently.

Jake met John while in graduate school at Iowa State, and I believe they bonded over their mutual love of robotics. I think the first time I ever met John was in the Robotics Club lab on campus! We all became friends shortly after, so when they asked us if we would photograph their wedding we were so pleased!

Their ceremony was Quaker-inspired, with a ring warming and contribution part of the ceremony. The rings were passed in silence to each person, and everyone said a silent blessing for John and Brenna. Also, during this time friends and family were invited to tell a story, offer their advice, or wish their congratulations to them. It was truly one of the most thoughtful ceremonies I have ever seen.

When I spoke with Brenna during the months before her wedding, she repeatedly said that the most important thing to both her and John was that their friends and family would all be together, and what could be more important than that?! I agreed.

The kids lined up for the popcorn maker and games in the yard and everyone enjoyed a good old-fashioned BBQ for dinner with pies for dessert. I had a piece of the BEST pecan pie I have ever tasted (made with real Georgia pecans)! There was also a piñata, three-legged race, and dancing on the lawn late into the night!

Here are a some of my favorites, enjoy!

Brenna was so great all day — she was very present and taking it all in. One moment she would be cracking up and the next she would be brought to tears. She was so sweet!

Beautiful beyond words…this is one of my favorites of just the vineyard.  It looks like a watercolor to me.

Jake took this shot of the rings, and I just love how he used the old curly vines. John’s ring had Brenna’s fingerprint inside and Brenna’s had John’s fingerprint inside.  I thought it was lovely.

Brenna looked gorgeous getting ready with her girlfriends — just look at those eyes!  Her headband was made from her mothers veil.

John was looking very handsome as well!

Brenna’s girlfriends were so much fun! I loved their dresses.

This shot of Brenna and her Dad makes me smile :)

Nathan and Kate introduced John and Brenna and were the officiants of the ceremony!  They are great people.

Brenna’s mother and step-father, Dave and Cyndi – who get to live on the vineyard all year long!  What a backyard!

After all the craziness of planning a wedding, I think these are the moments you wait for — because at that point nothing else matters except the two of you.

Congratulations John and Brenna!

Newborn – Baby Jane

Meet four week old baby Jane! We had a morning photo shoot recently and she was such a natural — even looking right into the camera at times (which is very impressive for someone her age :) Her baby blue eyes and full head of hair were so beautiful — I could hardly stand it!  New parents Mara and Greg are neighbors and friends and I was so happy to help them capture this very special time in their lives.

Mara’s sisters came over in the morning with their little girls to help Mara and Greg get ready for the photo shoot — we couldn’t resist taking a few cousin shots!  Think of how much fun these girls are going to have growing up together!  They were so cute together!

This one is my favorite!

New parents Mara and Greg are absolutely glowing with pride. I am so happy for them.

Mara looked so beautiful holding her little girl.

I absolutely love this one of Greg holding Jane. So precious.

Tiny feet and tiny hands.

Jane finally fell asleep when we were saying good-bye in the porch — the light was so pretty in there I couldn’t help but snap a few more. I think it was worth it!

Congratulations to Mara and Greg! Thank you for letting me come to your home and share in this very special time with you!