Monthly Archives: October 2010

Allyson Getting Ready

Allyson and I went to High School together, so when she asked if I could capture the morning preparations on her wedding day – I was delighted! It was a family affair at the salon, with Allyson’s mother, future mother-in-law, and FOUR future sister-in-laws!  I love the soft color pallet of these photos and especially Allyson’s pink shoes – they were to die for!

The Soap Factory – Finnley & Family

It might be a little obvious but Finnley is ridiculously cute and I couldn’t help sharing my (many) favorites!

Finnley’s parents, Ron and Kris wanted me to capture their family interacting and hanging out — but with cooler industrial looking backdrops! We headed over to The Soap Factory, St. Anthony Main, and Old Mill area where there were so many great spots, we had fun exploring and I am really happy with the results. Finnley is such a sweet little girl, and is a natural in front of the camera. Ron and Kris are a creative couple and were up for anything, which I love! It was a pleasure getting to know them and capturing the tender moments of life with a three year old!

Newell Park – Owen & Family

Just a last little bit of summer right here in this post.

Owen turned one this summer and we had so much fun with this family photo shoot – except for the swarm of mosquitos! I think I left with a dozen bites all over my arms and legs! And poor Brianne had twice as many as I did!

You might remember Owen from his 6 month shoot and he is still drop dead cute, gorgeous, beautiful, and so very sweet. I want to take him home whenever I see him!