Newborn – Baby Veli

A few months ago our dear friends, Tia and Souliyahn, welcomed their second son Veli on the morning of December 26th. While packing for our New Year’s trip to Scotland, Jake and I were so happy to squeeze in a visit to meet Veli at just two days old. He was itty bitty, and such a cutie-patootie! It was so special to see the new family of four so happy and content. Big brother Silo was so proud, and I can tell that these two boys are going to be the best of friends. Congratulations to Tia and Souliyahn!

  • tia

    oh anne — i’ve seen the pictures, but somehow seeing them ‘live’ on your site brings tears to my eyes — THANK YOU!!

  • Anne

    Ohhh Tia! You are so welcome! Veli melts my heart as well…such a beautiful baby boy.

  • Grandma Gladys

    Wow Anne! What absolutely beautiful shots! You are an amazing photographer! Thank you!

  • runa