Mesa, Arizona

Jim and Kris, my hilarious, lovely, and thoughtful retired snow bird parents, flock to their second home in Mesa, Arizona for the long Minnesota winters. Which is lucky for us because we will always have an excuse to get out of the cold! A few weeks ago we headed down to the warmth and sun and it was DEVINE. We couldn’t have had better weather, or hiked, golfed, swam, ate, or played Scrabble enough for me – it was awesome! My brother and sister-in-law, Peter and Cassie, joined us as well and it was great to be together again. I love my family :)

  • Mary Ingman

    I never realized you had my legs, Jake. Whose shoes are those?

  • tia

    too bad my middle name isn’t rosa!

  • Anne

    Tia, that would be AMAZING!! Seriously, that restaurant was amazing and had the best ambience and food! So good!

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  • Kelsey Myron

    BEAUTIFUL Anne! I wish I lived in the Southwest. :)