Newborn – Baby Arlo

Amanda, Matt, and Avery are now a family of four with the newest addition of baby, Arlo! Big brother Avery is still the “#1 Fire Chief” but I think these two brothers are going to be quite the team someday. I’m so happy for my dear dear friends!

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  • Gladys Salmela

    Congratulations Matt, Amanda & Avery. What a beautiful baby boy! Enjoy!

  • Narrah

    Beautiful as always, Anne! I love the dad holding the baby Arlo and the high focus on his delicate head beautifully whorled hair. Always a joy to see your work!

  • Anne

    Thanks Narrah! I love that one of Matt and Arlo as well — with his perfect little head of blonde hair :) So precious!

  • Melissa Misgen

    What an amazing album!
    The photos are simply breath taking and SOOO well done!
    Congratulations on the new addition to your family!!!

  • Christa

    he is such a beautiful little boy…and avery looks like every bit a big brother. so glad that y’all have more goodness in the house. your world looks warm and bright. peace, giggles, and sleep to you all.

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