Theodore Wirth Chalet – Carrie & Ryan’s Wedding

Carrie and Ryan were married in Florence, Italy in April and held a lovely reception at Theodore Wirth Chalet with family and friends last Sunday. It was quite the eventful day at Theodore Wirth as a tornado swept through the park! As the Blue Grass band was playing and everyone was dancing, I was perched in the open doorway actually watching the tornado come closer (after realizing I was seeing debris swirling around – yikes)! It was so scary but everyone got to the basement in time and no one was hurt. However, the neighborhoods in North Minneapolis suffered devastating damage from the tornado.

With all the excitement, Carrie and Ryan maintained calm and collected and made sure all their guests felt safe (including me, thanks Ryan). And even with the power out, the Blue Grass band played on and the celebration continued with joy. Congratulations Carrie and Ryan! I can honestly say, I will NEVER forget your reception!

To help support the rebuild efforts in my friends Kai and Tia’s North Minneapolis neighborhood please check out the very cool t-shirt they designed and organized as a fundraiser.