Mankato, Minnesota – Ben & Becky’s Wedding, My Family!

Just a few short weeks ago my brother-in-law and (now) sister-in-law, Ben and Becky, were married at Minneopa State Park in Mankato. The entire weekend was a huge celebration and seriously so much fun. Jake was the best man and Jake’s sister, Katie and I were both bridesmaids. I absolutely loved being in the wedding, helping Becky get into her wedding dress, watching and feeling the anticipation before their First Look, experiencing the wedding party and family portraits, walking in and witnessing their beautiful ceremony, driving them to the reception in my parents decked out Just Married mini-van :), and then celebrating with all our family and friends that night! It was an honor and I was so happy to support Ben and Becky.

Their photographer Sally, of Gruman Photography did a terrific job and captured the day beautifully. It was such a pleasure to be on the other side of the camera and see a photographer in action – you did such a great job, Sally!

I didn’t plan on taking many photos throughout the day, but I was able to capture Becky at the salon getting her hair and make-up done and of course, a few candids later on, and then some late night dance photos at the Kato Ballroom. I really enjoyed taking some videos (which I never get to do at weddings)! Ben and Becky really enjoyed watching them the next day! Jake’s best man toast because was so good (hilarious and heartfelt) and when Ben speaks right after, it will just warm your heart. So sincere, so thoughtful, and so lovely. I am so proud of my entire family, they are the BEST.

Congratulations to Ben and Becky, I love you both so much!

  • Sally

    LOVE! Esp the “getting ready” pictures, just beautiful!

  • Anne

    Thanks Sally! Becky is always beautiful, but she was sooo gorgeous as a bride!

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