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Minneapolis Family Portrait – Lydia is One!

What a journey with Lydia! Take a look back at her first year of life here, here, here, and here. A few weeks ago we met at The Walker for Lydia’s one year portraits. It was a gorgeous spring day and it was so fun to reminisce on the year we spent together. Thank you again Megan and [...]

Featured – Premier Planning Services, Kate & Garnet

I had the pleasure of working with Lynn Edwardy from Premier Planning Services again at Kate and Garnet’s wedding. It makes a huge difference on the day of, when you can trust that all the (many, many) details are taken care of by Lynn and her team. Check out their post about Kate and Garnet’s [...]

Minneapolis Walker Art Center – Kate & Garnet’s Wedding

Kate and Garnet’s wedding was incredible. Definitely one of my all time favorites. Everything about the day was so beautiful, and as an added bonus, Kate and Garnet are awesome! They are the real deal – kind, loyal, smart, and funny. Oh, and also GORGEOUS. Kate was breathtaking as a bride. I was in portrait [...]